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    Our customers are happy

    We live and breathe to make everyday life a little easier for our customers. See how we have influenced the everyday life of housing associations, condominiums, property companies and managers

    Bara og Really
    «Really! has made us more efficient. The time we save can be spent on more value-creating activites. We think Really! is both innovative and exciting»
    Ingse G. Døsvig, CEO, Bara Eiendom
    «With Really! we can be closer to our tenants and guide them to choose good suppliers. At the same time, we get better control over our own agreements.»
    Tommy V. Kristiansen, Property manager, EGD
    «We buy real estate services through Really! to run our four campuses as efficiently as possible.»
    Arnvid Johansen, Director of Facility Management, NLA
    «The solution to Really! helps us collect all the service agreements, so that we ensure a good handover to the newly constituted board»
    Marie Therese Heldal, Managing Director, Heldal Eiendom